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As the years start to show on your face, do you long to find a way to go back in time and lose those lines and wrinkles? If so, you’ll be glad to hear about an effective way to rejuvenate your skin provided by Peter M. Grondziowski, MD, FACE, of Refine Medical Aesthetics in Pittsburgh. Dr. Grondziowski is a distinguished physician who, with his team of aesthetic specialists, provides PicoSure® skin rejuvenation treatment. PicoSure uses advanced technology to revitalize your complexion in a completely natural way, without any incisions or medications, so call Refine Medical Aesthetics today to find out more, or book an appointment online.

Skin Rejuvenation Q & A

What is skin rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is an aesthetic treatment that aims to restore your appearance and reverse the signs of aging by stimulating your body’s production of substances that decline as you get older, such as collagen and elastin.

The team at Refine Medical Aesthetics use the industry-leading PicoSure aesthetic platform, also known as PicoSkin.

How does skin rejuvenation work?

There are several ways to rejuvenate the skin, but they all follow similar principles based on the science behind the healing and regenerative abilities of your body. PicoSure uses PressureWave™ technology that converts laser energy into pressure. This gentle form of pressure squeezes cells in the treatment area, causing your body to react by boosting the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

Using these advanced, noninvasive technologies ensures there’s no damage to the skin, just enough disturbance to the tissue to kick start the healing process.

PicoSure has added benefits as it is also highly effective at treating unwanted pigmentation such as birthmarks, freckles, sunspots, and melasma, which causes patches of brown skin to appear on the face. In the same way that it removes the ink in unwanted tattoos, PicoSure shatters the pigment that’s causing skin discoloration, and your body naturally disposes of the remaining particles.

What happens during a skin rejuvenation treatment session?

Treatment with PicoSure doesn’t cause pain, and because there’s no heat involved, there’s no burning on the skin. Some patients report a sensation much like a rubber band snapping on their skin. If you’re concerned about any discomfort, then you can ask about applying numbing cream before your treatment.

You may experience slight redness and swelling for up to three hours after treatment, which is a natural result of the body’s immune system responding to the treatment. These effects are short-lived, and you can return to work or carry on with your day just as you normally would.

A session usually takes around 15 minutes, and as soon as you have your PicoSure laser rejuvenation treatment, your body sets to work repairing tissues and producing new collagen and elastin. You’ll see the effects of this process over time as the new fibers build up and old tissues get replaced, so it typically takes several months to see the final result.

If you’d like to learn more about skin rejuvenation and pigment removal using PicoSure, call Refine Medical aesthetics today, or book an appointment online.