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Cardinal Endocrinology

Dr. Pete operates his independent direct care endocrinology practice at Pinebridge Commons, continuing more than 22 years experience in the south hills of Pittsburgh. He proudly preserves the art of medicine in this era when the business of medicine overshadows the needs of patients.


Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet Sports is dedicated to ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities are FIT with the proper footwear, apparel, and gear to meet their individual needs. Located in Norman Center, these experts have helped many of our clients keep in shape. 


New Amsterdam Genomics

Precision medicine is brought to life with the world's premier DNA test, scanning all 22,000 genes of your DNA and cross-referencing them with more than 100,000 health-related findings. Whether healthy or sick, this test can potentially teach you valuable things about your health.



Refine Medical Aesthetics
1580 McLaughlin Run Road, Suite 213
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