Vivace RF Microneedler helps active acne!

We have been using VIVACE® for over a year, being the first practice in Pittsburgh to use it. From the start, we found this device to be as close to an enjoyable spa treatment as a medical procedure could be.  Our patients have been coming in every couple months for "The Experience," and my wife and I treat each other - it's our spa day at the office!

We have also found VIVACE® to be more than a device that rejuvenates skin.  It has literally transformed the lives of our patients troubled by acne.  The smooth operation of the robotic microneedler minimizes trauma that is associated with small hand-held pens.  It uses radiofrequency to give a burst of heat at the exact time the gold-tipped needles have entered the skin, and it also uses blue light to help reduce skin bacteria associated with acne.

We are proud to offer VIVACE® which will provide skin rejuvenation and improve old acne scars, but are tremendously excited to see the results VIVACE® offers young adults troubled by active acne.  

Peter Grondziowski, MD Peter is the physician owner of Refine Medical Aesthetics. With more than 25 years of specialty medical experience, he has blended personal and artistic approaches with the latest technologies to offer a unique experience for people looking to "refine" their appearance. We all possess perfection within ourselves. It is his mission to make Refine Medical Aesthetics an ideal respite where one can improve upon the gifts we already enjoy.

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